Cauliflower “Rice”

It looks like rice, it feels like rice, it must be… cauliflower! There is a neat trick in the low-carb world – low carb”rice.”  You see, once it looks like it and has the same texture (mouthfeel), has a similar (in this case ultra muted) taste, your brain somehow processes it as a fitting substitute.  Seriously!  You will never miss the post white rice carb crash again! Best of all is that it is quick and easy and it is the perfect way to utilize frozen cauliflower.  If you have freezer space,  we suggest you buy them now in their best, and chop them up and freeze them. Here’s how you make it…

Chop cauliflower into small pieces, getting rid of as many stems as possible.  Steam in just enough water to cook softly. We don’t want to boil it because boiling leaches all the nutrients.

Pour in a container add a pat of butter, and some salt and smash it.  These aren’t potatoes, you are going to have to apply some “elbow grease.”

Plate and serve hot as a side to a gravylicious recipe like Cajun Chicken Gumbo or Jamaican Oxtail Stew.


  1. Nikki Jacks says

    I use cauliflower in mashed potatoes – half potato, half cauliflower…much healthier and no one knows it’s even there. I got that idea from my cook yourself thin cookbook

  2. says

    i’ve combined cauliflower with potatoes, cauliflower with broccoli, cauliflower with squash and the list goes on but never thought of using tine florets as a substitute to rice. what a great idea. thanks for sharing

  3. Ababa says

    Nice! Definitely trying this today with a peas and mango salad. Will tell you how it goes… forward ever.


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