Jamaican Brown Stew Fish Recipe for a healthy Ramadan

Jamaican Brown Stew Fish for Healthy Ramadan Recipe -6

Yesterday, I posted the following statement on our Instagram and Facebook about Ramadan which I also wanted to share here. "We are Christians, but the funny thing about faith is that if you TRULY believe in your own faith, you will respect others for theirs. At the end of the day, we are still all humans. We have Muslim friends who wish us 'Merry Christma' and today we wish 'Ramadan Kareem' to our Muslim friends around the world. We may be different but we are all humans who have the same hopes ...

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Quick and Easy Ramadan Iftar Recipes| Homemade Nutella Chocolate Pudding

Nutella Chocolate Pudding for Everyday Ramadan Recipe-1

Join us for daily healthy, tasty and quick options for Ramadan recipes for the next 3o days! If you are like me, I love to get superb and impressive results in our home kitchen with minimal effort and time. The trick to achieving kitchen prowess is knowing and mastering simple techniques and letting the food speak for itself. Today begins the 30- day period of Ramadan, which is the Islamic holy period similar to our Christian Lent, (which is observed by 40 days of fasting and prayer and ends ...

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Instant authentic Jamaican Gungo Rice and Peas? YES please!

NIce Rice Jamaican Ready to Cook Rice and Peas-1

This post has been almost a year in the making. It is dedicated to the legacy of my grandmother, Olga Leonie Thompson, who was crowned "The Real Jamaican Rice and Peas Queen." One day I will share her story with you. In the meantime, here is a rice and peas that comes in a box that reminds me of Sunday afternoons at her dinner table. Rice and Peas is traditionally a Sunday Supper in Jamaica. This old school dish required lots of time and care, and in a developing country that did not grow rice, ...

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How to successfully reach out to bloggers and vloggers

Panifico UAE How to reach out to bloggers vloggers-3

Dear PR , Social and Digital Marketing execs, we know that reaching out to bloggers has become an import part of your arsenal of tools in maximising exposure for your valued clients. We know you are very busy people so we have compiled a list of things you may want to apply in order to achieve success and not unnecessarily piss off the wrong blogger with a following (which happens more than you know). I often hear how bloggers should approach sponsors but hardly anything about how these ...

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How to chop garlic like a Boss Chef

Spices for Chef and Steward Jerk Turkey Seasoning Marinade-1

https://youtu.be/gw9yJOcYY6Q Here is the second video in our Boss Chef Series. Are you on YouTube (like who isn't)? Join us over there and subscribe for more videos. We believe a lot of our content will translate well to video but we want to hear from you. So subscribe to our channel and tell us what kind of videos you want to see. Love and blessings, Kari & Chef Lij ...

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Summer’s Best EVER Mango Salad


I have not had a mango for ages. It's so long ago I can tell you where and when. It was Jamaica, this time last year.  As an island girl I am really particular about my mangoes. I shy away from the mango flavoured water fruits often sold over here (having been picked way too early and packed with more airmiles than my entire expat family to get here to the desert). I have timed my last three trips home to coincide with mango season. Jamaica is where mangoes are worth the damage they do to ...

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Motivation Monday- How to get back on track with diet after ‘falling off the wagon’

Chef and Steward Test Kitchen Menu and Plating-4

"Life is what happens when you are busy making plans." If you have been on any long term mission towards a goal, you know that kinks, obstacles, stops and even derailmement are part of the journey. It is no different when your goal is a for a healthy lifestyle and holidays, celebrations and birthdays seem to get in the way.  Here are a few tips to get up and running again as soon as possible... I don't like the term "cheat meal." I don't believe that by giving myself permission to enjoy ...

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How to make homemade junk-free peanut butter (a sugar-free recipe)


Yesterday the three of us went to the supermarket to pick up a few staples for our kitchen and home. I always walk with a list when food shopping because it organises my trip and ensures that I get what I need. Even so, no matter how organised I am, shopping for food is never an "in and out" thing for me. There are just too many distractions. The supermarket is one of the most brilliant marketing inventions- ever! It is genius that on the way to the eggs or the five things on your list, you are ...

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Chocolate Strawberry & Raw Cashew Protein Smoothie Recovery Drink #LowCarb


I love mornings. Whoa? Where did that come from? I am the most nocturnal, super-cranky-in-the-mornings person I know! And yet, somehow over the period of a the last few months, I have been slowly making peace with my mornings. So much so that I am actually loving them. What paradigm did I shift to reach to this new space? In a word, me. It wasn't until we both started to dedicate our mornings to working out that things started to really evolve for us. As an expatriate chef family, it was hard ...

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LowCarb Chocolate Protein Smoothie Recipe


Let me first point out that the photos used in this post have been shot with an iPhone, of which I am particularly proud. Photography is not always about the equipment but about the eye.  I have been spending lots of time over at Instagram and you should really join the party over there to catch up with us in between posts. It's been a superb week over here at Chef and Steward. We have both been paying attention to taking good care of ourselves in spite of the sometimes seemingly overwhelming ...

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Pan Seared Halloumi & Tomato Salad

Fried Seared Halloumi and Tomato Salad Paleo Low Carb Keto-2

One of the things that most define our cooking style here at Chef and Steward is that we love simple, tasty, uncomplicated food. Good food needs little embellishment.  This is one of those recipes that is so quick and easy just anyone can do. You could be the single who cannot boil water, a child who is discovering the kitchen or a seasoned pro. This recipe  is for you. At less than 5 ingredients, the only thing that is critical is that you select the best tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil you can get your hands on. Halloumi is a very salty, hard, chewy Middle Eastern cheese and goes well ...

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Wynne’s Quick & Easy Beef Cottage Pie recipe


Our Apprentice LOVES potatoes. It is right up there with his favourites like plain yogurt, rice, multigrain bread, fish, chicken, cereal, tomatoes and only eclipsed by his all-time favourite, avocados.   Because of him, potatoes make my weekly market list. And what's not to love about potatoes when you are a toddler? I remember eating copious amounts of potatoes as a kid. Mashed or smashed were my most treasured ways of enjoying this root vegetable.  But me and my offspring aside,  I think it is safe to say every child loves mashed potatoes- especially a nice buttery one. We are ...

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How to Roast a Jamaican Jerk Turkey to spice up your Christmas or holiday table

Authentic Real Jamaican Jerk Turkey Recipe by Chef and Steward -1

Just in time for the holidays, here is the antidote to yet another boring turkey on your table. Whether you love or despise the popular holiday bird, your palate will be dancing to the beat of the Caribbean with these spicy, flavourful notes. Be prepared to have a Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner like no other. Neither of us used to be crazy about turkey, to be frank. It’s really just a boring bird. Well that is how we have thought of the popular American holiday main dish for most of our years. After all, seasoned with little more than salt and pepper, most of the turkey we have tasted has ...

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Trinidadian Ponche De Creme | Boozy Caribbean Homemade Eggnog

Ponche De Creme Jamaican Trinidadian Caribbean Egg nog chef and steward-3

If Karyn Williams-Sykes only knew the real reason I look forward to her annual Christmas Party. Yes I quite fancy her company and that of her hobbyist photographer hubby, Phil who gets all nerdy with me about photography and their charming daughter J'Ouvert who leaves me in stitches with her older than her age humour, but my motive has nothing to do with these lovely people. It does not even have to do with the Trini Parang  Christmas music. Instead, it lies in a bottle. ...

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Fuss- Free Entertaining | Organic Tomato & Salted Fish Salad Recipe

Jamaican Saltfish Salad and Roasted Garlic & Spring Onion Mashed Potatoes-2

Holiday or entertaining meals and side dishes do not have to be all drama and headache. It's tomato growing season in the Middle East, southern hemisphere and in the tropics where these succulent red orbs thrive all year. If you are cocooned in a real winter somewhere, bookmark this recipe for when you get your hands on fresh seasonal cherry tomatoes. The organic greenhouses at Greenheart Farms were bursting with a variety of sensationally delicious, ripe, red and even purple tomatoes. As I bit into each of the wide varieties they were growing, the distinct flavours and textures flooded by ...

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