The Girl Chef- How to throw a great party for a child

Giselle Turns 6-2

While the home kitchen is largely the domain of women, when it comes to the professional kitchen, the gender rules turn upside down. Men dominate the professional kitchen space and most of the top chefs are men.  It certainly isn't because women cannot cook or handle pressure because women having been doing both for ages so there are other things at play.  When I heard of a chef party being thrown for a little girl by mother who wanted to expand the images presented to girls from the princess or ...

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A new look for Chef and Steward and why you should move your blog to self hosting

Chef father and son newborn photography black and white-2

Welcome to the new frontier. There is a reason we have placed our son's newborn photos (taken by his super-hero mama days after an emergency c-section) to illustrate this post.  In many ways, this is a rebirth of our efforts.  The term "new frontier" is exactly what this newly redesigned and revamped Chef and Steward® blog feels like to us. We are adding new dimensions to our blog. When we started out in December 2010, the focus was on supporting our low carb, atkins, paleo, primal lifestyle, ...

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We are moving!!!


    We are moving and we would love to take you with us!  We are doing everything we can to take you with us, but there is something you can do to guarantee it. If you have not actually logged in to join our 8,500 subscribers to our blog, we kindly ask you to do so. It's not enough to follow us via Wordpress either.We actually need you to follow/subscribe via email! Please sign up via email to the  top right---------------------------------------->>> This will ...

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Easy peasy basic plain homemade pancake recipe


There is something about pancakes that seems to right all that is wrong with the world. Pancakes are so well-loved they have a cult following.  I would like to nominate myself as President of the Pancake Lovers Club. I love pancakes. Hot cakes, griddle cakes, pancakes, by any name would be one of my all…

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Spice up your menu


I often write 
about finding inspiration to cook in this column, for good reason. If you have to cook more often than once per week or some rare special occasion, you will understand how grandiose an effort it is to cook everyday. Days blur into one another and meals become as unsurprising as the experience of cooking itself. But it need not be so. I once had an aunt whose house I would often visit after school to play with my cousins until it was time to go home. She had a wonderful nanny ...

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Top tips on blogging by bloggers from across the world


We believe good things are worth sharing. Like friends. Like advice. This post attempts to put them together.  Every blogger around the world knows the top 10 US blogs in their niche, but some of us are still discovering new blogs beyond.   One of the great things we love about living in the Middle East and in particular the UAE is that the world truly lives here and it affords us the opportunity to make friends with people from near and far. One of the challenges though of being an ...

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Roasted Garlic & Spring Onion Mashed Potatoes

Jamaican Saltfish Salad and Roasted Garlic & Spring Onion Mashed Potatoes-5

This is not your grandmother's mashed potatoes. Unless your grandmama is Martha Stewart. If you are looking to revamp mashed potatoes, this is it. This dairy free version only contains butter (no milk or cream) so it is an option for some who do not take milk. Besides that, it is scrumptious and even my (then) 7 month old agrees. It is a quick and easy side dish for entertaining that makes it look as if you really put lots of time and effort into planning and executing your little soiree. ...

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Crustless Calalloo (Amaranth) Quiche | Low Carb, Paleo, Gluten Free


In the UAE it is called "Indian Spinach," 'African Spinach," "Chinese Spinach," "Cheera," "Bhajji," "Kulitis," "bayambang." In Jamaica, "Callalo," Trinidad and Tobago "Bhaji," Greece, "Vlita." The popular green vegetable, to which we refer is Amaranth, know by many names and widely used for a variety of culinary and medicinal purposes across the tropics from the Latin Caribbean to Africa, India and Asia. A quiche is a savoury custard pie which usually has a pastry crust filled with an eggy, custardy base along with meat, cheese, seafood or vegetables. Whereas Spinach Quiche is popular around ...

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Best homemade Nutella and Cooking with Kids!


This post was developed, cooked, styled, photographed and written by Kari as part of her monthly contribution to Gourmet  magazine. It was published in the June issue. Much thanks to our beautiful, fun and discerning young foodie models Samuel, Chloe, Junessa and Noel and their lovely parents for sharing them with us. There is something absolutely magical about cooking with kids. Maybe it is their sharp sense of humour or wide-eyed enthusiasm about mundane tasks but having children help to prepare food is anything but ordinary. Food preparation is a bit of everything that kids love all ...

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Light Garlic & Thyme Baked Potato Recipe (dairy free au gratin)


This dish comes with a story. It is the modern day once upon a time tale of a young college girl in a rather cool Kingston city apartment and an experiment with a kitchen tool. It does not seem as long ago as it is...oh how time flies. The year was 2001. It was months before September 11, when the world was still round, level and cheerful and I walked around looking at the world through oversize bug-eyed glasses. I loved that apartment. It was located in a great neighbourhood and walking distance from everywhere. I held down three freelance media jobs to pay for it and it was worth every ...

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How to cook a wicked Jamaican Plantain Porridge


There is something incredibly ironic about this post.  We Chef and Steward are writing about and photographing porridge. Don't get us wrong, we love porridge. Well, I the The Steward do. The Chef claims he had way too much as a child.  I remember sitting over a few bowls myself, squishing around the same mouthful for minutes to the soundtrack lecture of "starving children in Africa." But this porridge promises only good memories. Porridge is the stuff on breakfast tables set by loving caring mothers all across the Caribbean.  While others have plain porridges, trust the bright, lively and ...

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