low carb?

January 2011

You may be wondering what on earth would a professional chef be doing associating himself with a low carbohydrate lifestyle? Good question. Quick answer- His wife :)

You know how it goes, it is usually the woman who decides the profile of the domestic kitchen and this case is no exception.  Kari transitioned to the low carb lifestyle and refused to buy and cook things that would not help her case. Lij only noticed that they were eating lots more veggies.

But why low-carb as opposed to the 4 decades of low-fat ideology that we have been hearing?   We are turning the food pyramid upside down.  Notice that the carbs are less and that veggies and proteins are the mainstay.

It is an optimal protein, higher fat, low carbohydrate approach to cooking and eating which simply guarantees great food.

This diet is great for diabetics and those who may be  pre-diabetic and wish to control their blood sugar.  We are concerned about the epic numbers of people of colour worldwide who are affected with the disease and so we wish to breathe new life into providing tasty alternatives. This is is our social responsibility project as well as our personal quest for better health. Not all the recipes will be low carb but we are committed to posting relevant ones as much as possible.

As any gourmand will tell you, the best food comes from the best produce. We buy as fresh as possible and try to stay away from processed and franken foods.

For more information and research about this low carb way of life:

“Why Do We Get Fat” by Science Journalist, Gary Taubes

“Good Calories, Bad Calories” also by Taubes

“The New Atkins for a New You” by Drs. Westman, Phinney & Volek (If you are diabetic, read and bring your doctor’s attention to Chapter 11).

All are available at Borders stores in the UAE.