Eid Mubarak Giveaway on our Facebook Page


In the spirit of the season, we are giving away two lovely gift wrapped Ceramic Staub Mini Cocottes.  These are perfect for individual serving sizes of everything from soups to dessert for breakfast, brunch or dinner. Whatever the course or the dish, your guest will welcome the element of surprise when the lid is taken off at the table and the pleasant smells rise to the nose. Wow your dining party with this gift which combines usefulness with panache- the essence of Chef and Steward.  To enter, visit our facebook here: www.facebook.com/chefandsteward


  • This giveaway is not sponsored by any company. It has been bought and paid for by Chef and Steward.
  • This giveaway is only valid for those in the United Arab Emirates or in other GCC countries in the Middle East.


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